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Training of Trainers Workshop for the Youth Leadership for Social Change Project held in Accra

A 4-day residential Training of Trainers Workshop for the Leadership for Social Change Project was organized for trainers from both the Southern and Northern parts of Ghana. The workshop began on Monday, 18th September to Thursday, 24th September, 2017 at the office of the Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES-Ghana).

The Youth Leadership for Social Change project is a project designed with the goal of expanding opportunities for youth leadership and active citizenship towards a more inclusive Ghanaian society. In particular, the project will provide over 60 young people with improved knowledge and skills needed for effective social change leadership. The project will also enhance opportunities for young leaders to apply leadership skills through the development and implementation of youth-led social change initiatives.

The aim of the Workshop was to prepare the Trainers for the exigent task of guiding project participants to acquire the knowledge, training and ethical dispensation that will make them leaders who can impact their societies positively to the benefit of all.

The workshop equipped the trainers with the resources and skills set to enable the trainers facilitate the transitioning of the students who participate in the project from regular individuals into leaders in their various communities. Trainers were given training manuals drafted specifically for this project. In the course of the workshop, trainers were educated on how to use the manuals effectively in their facilitation sessions.

Mr Eric Saforo, the Project Manager, intimated that trainers, consisting mainly of lecturers and development workers, had the daunting task of imparting all that they have learnt by way of this workshop on the participants of the project. He expressed confidence that trainers have been well-equipped to provide leadership training to the target audience.