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The Ghana Youth Directory: Towards effective collaboration among youth activists

The Ghana Youth Directory seeks to provide a one-stop point of information on youth groups, associations and organisations towards effective collaboration and exchange of information among activists in the same field. A wide range of opportunities abound for respective organisations to collaborate in knowledge sharing, implementation of development projects, and provide assistance in fields and technical areas.

The knowledge gap with regards to the non-existence of a coordinated platform for the compilation of all youth organisations has informed the establishment of the Ghana Youth Directory. This knowledge gap created the situation where potential donors, interested parties and stakeholders, given the prevailing situation of insufficient documentation of youth and youth-serving organisations and their activities, and inadequate collaboration, networking and information exchange among them, had to identify the respective groups and organisations through unconventional approaches. The lack of a comprehensive and credible directory tends to undermine the importance of networking and the need to increase collaboration.

This Directory is developed to assist the  collaboration with relevant stakeholders from civil society, government, and the international development community and is published only in electronic form.

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