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Ebenezer Kelly Harunah Shares His Story As A Finalist of the SDGs Youth Essay Competition (2017)

I first got wind of YES-Ghana and the SDG Youth Essay Competition from a friend. He’s a youth pastor and he’s enthused about the affairs of youth. It was a day in July, 2017 that he sent me a photo via WhatsApp. It was the flyer of the SDG Essay Competition. 

At the time, I had just completed tertiary education and was home. When I got to know about the opportunity, I realized I was first of all eligible for participation, and I also thought to myself, “this is something I can try my hands on, I know something about SDGs, now there’s an opportunity to let my ideas loose” oh and of course, the cash prize was a huge incentive!

It was a great experience for me, very memorable, right from the time I picked up my notepad right through to when I got the amazing news that I was selected as a finalist till the curtains were drawn on the competition. Though I didn’t win the ultimate prize, right from the start till the end it was a very exciting journey for me, traveling, meeting new people, sharing ideas…Kudos to YES-Ghana for a spectacular event! 

There have been a lot of benefits, I’ve had the opportunity to meet new and wonderful people; the Competition got me more educated and interested in global issues. I’ve been motivated and opened up to new tasks and challenges amongst others.