Empowering the Ghanaian Youth in Accountability, Advocacy and Policy Influencing

Twenty-five young people from various parts of Ghana participated in five-day Accountability, Advocacy and Policy Influencing Workshop. The workshop took place at the Camp Martin Hotel, Kumasi from 9 – 13th April, 2018.

Participants of the workshop (who identify as students with strong engagements in youth groups, or youth workers or entrepreneurs) also had the opportunity to participate in the Youth Policy Dialogue held at the Great Hall Conference Room, KNUST, Kumasi on the afternoon of the 10th of April, 2018.

Employing a very participatory and participant-centred learning style, participants were engaged on topics such as the State of Youth Development in Ghana; Youth Policy in Ghana; Social Accountability, Youth Participation and Advocacy. Participants were also exposed to practical skills for youth leadership and working with the media.

The main aim of the Accountability, Advocacy and Policy Influencing Workshop is to build the capacities of the youth to effectively demand accountability from duty bearers and also to improve their articulation of youth issues, perspectives and policy recommendations.

The Workshop is an activity under the “Improving Youth Participation in Public Policy Decision-Making” project. The project seeks to provide an opportunity to increase youth participation in youth policy formulation through a unique crowdsourcing, youth-led methodology: accessing information, enhancing knowledge, sharing learning, gathering feedback, generating evidence, building the evidence base, and engaging the political class.