Felix Mintah Shares His Experience As A Finalist Of The SDGs Youth Essay Competition (2017)

I was much enthused when I heard about the SDG Youth Essay Competition at our SDG Youth Club Meeting. This was because I believed it was great initiative to capture the concerns of the youth towards the achievement of the Agenda 2030.

Besides the rewards/prizes attached to the SDG Youth Essay Competition, which I considered, I also thought it wise to participate since it will serve as a medium of involving the youth to add our voices in achieving the Agenda 2030. 

Last year’s competition was an opportunity for me to broadened my knowledge on the SDGs, network with new friends who were also finalists and together we propagate the “SDG gospel”

Though I was awarded a certificate as a symbol of victory, the SDG Youth Essay Competition was a wakeup call for me to think outside the box so far as competitions are concern.

To the youth, I entreat you to participate in this year’s edition of the competition. Desist from plagiarism. Provide all necessary document required of you and present concise and concrete information. By doing so, we will increase our pace in achieving the 17 goals for a better world.