Julius’ Experience at the Accountability, Advocacy and Policy Influencing Workshop

I gained knowledge in advocacy, accountability, negotiation, dialogue, networking and lobbying skills to create a sense of togetherness, healthy and peaceful coexistence among my communities and professional organization. With this knowledge gained, I can initiate and implement decisions that affect the people’s lives (especially that of the youths), access different perspectives to enable a new understanding to emerge and apply diversity in enhancing productivity.The Training gave me the opportunity to understand and analyze the youth civil space of Ghana and play an integral part of policies and decision-making which would contribute to economic and national development.

I was able to understand the role of youths, government, civil society and the individuals’ players in the development and enhancement of the capacity of youths in Ghana. As a young leader, I also understood how to better serve as a champion for the promotion of socioeconomic development and formulation of recommendations, policies, or plans to solve the economic problems facing Ghana especially the youths.

It put me in a position to understand and analyze issues affecting the young generation and how to network with other like minded young individuals to advocate for the review of the National Youth Policy which would contribute to national development. The training program helped me to tap into the powers and potentials of other young leaders, unleash their inner leadership qualities of confidence and enthusiasm.The training also gave me the opportunity to brainstorm, explore and innovatively develop new ideas as solutions to deal with the myriad of problems facing the youths of Ghana.