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REPOSITION: Youth as Agents and Advocates of Sustainable Development

We are pleased to announce that the Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES-Ghana) and Danish partner – 100% for the Children – have signed a new partnership agreement towards improving youth action for sustainable development. The new partnership, financed by Civil Society in Development, aims at improving leadership, technical and operational capacity of Ghanaian youth to actively engage in local and national sustainable development efforts. The project is titled “REPOSITION – Youth as Agents and Advocates of Sustainable Development” and is aligned with YES-Ghana’s SDG Youth Action Campaign thematic focus.

Young people identified governance and accountability as top priorities in various youth consultations held by YES-Ghana on a post-2015 development framework. They opined that their participation in governance processes has been low. If this has to change, young people should be consciously involved in decision-making processes at the local and national levels. As such, the current global development agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provides a timely opportunity for young people to influence development at all levels. With their massive numbers and creative energies, the youth can be mobilised and equipped to engage as campaigners or change makers.

In order to drive the expected change, the REPOSITION is designed carefully to be highly participatory in nature, in that, youth active involvement in shaping their societies is placed at its core. REPOSITION activities will include expanding SDG Youth Clubs, hosting season two of the popular SDG Youth Essay Competition, undertaking an organisational capacity assessment of youth organisations working on the SDGs, and hosting an SDG Youth Academy. It is expected that REPOSITION will increase young people’s awareness and ownership of the SDGs and to improve leadership, technical and operational capacity for engagement in local and national sustainable development efforts. The pilot phase of REPOSITION is for twelve months starting January 2019. This will be followed by a multi-year effort at scale.

About YES-Ghana

YES-Ghana is an ECOSOC-accredited NGO at the forefront of youth development policy, practice and research in Ghana. The organisation brings together innovative and energetic young professionals in different capacities who work with relevant stakeholders to lay the foundation for and work towards the promotion of a sustainable and productive future for all young people in the country. For over 15 years, YES-Ghana has been delivering a range of employable and soft skills training to youth, facilitating access to youth-inclusive financial services, providing career and business advisory services, building youth coalitions, and advocating for pro-youth empowerment policies.

About 100% for the Children

100% for the Children is a Danish development driven organisation. 100% is working through strategic partnerships in Kenya and in Ghana, including ‘help to self-help’ projects, avoiding donor dependency but assisting like-minded partners to create lasting changes in their societies. He organisation also utilizes peer-to-peer approaches, capacity building, networking and organizational development approaches for enhanced youth-led advocacy engagements.