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Rethinking Ghana’s Youth Development Architecture: The Case For A Separate Youth Ministry.

Read our Executive Director’s op-ed in the Africa Portal on why Ghana needs a separate youth ministry. The piece benefits from his almost two decades’ experience in Ghana’s youth development space and makes a strong case for a dedicated Ministry of Youth Affairs.

Here are some extracts:

“If Ghana must harness its youth dividend, it must first take a second look at its architecture for youth development, with the view of repositioning youth at the center of the broader governance and development agenda. One of the most important debates in this regard is whether or not to decouple youth from the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS). Given that this ministry is the highest organ in the prevailing architecture of youth development in Ghana, it not surprising that its operations have been the subject of scrutiny by several stakeholders in the youth development sphere, especially civil society organizations, development partners and youth themselves”.

“The traditional approach of combining youth and sports in one ministry has failed to deliver on the youth imperative. But a MoYA will become the strong coordination mechanism between all governmental and non-governmental stakeholders involved in translating political commitments into concrete youth programming and services. This is relevant both for horizontal (inter-ministerial) and vertical (across different levels of government and also the wider group of stakeholders) coordination”.

Story – Emmanuel Edudzie

Click here to read the full – op-ed in the Africa Portal.