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The concealed pain: Harrowing tale of my beloved brother

That day he came crying! He told me everything that happened in school. A boy by name Darlington has been disturbing my younger brother, I once warned Darlington in person but he never stopped misbehaving.

My brother never touched Darlington in spite of the length at which Darlington annoyed him because I always preached forgiveness to him.

My younger brother was 9years, he had just a month to celebrate his 10th birthday. Darlington was 2years older than my younger brother and they both were in the same class. One obvious reason why Darlington was never punished for his misconduct was because his parents are influential.

That very day, it was 7:00pm and my younger brother was still not back from school. My parents were very worried so I went in search of him. Immediately I got to the junction of the main Street, what I saw is a sight I can never forget!

I can’t explain with words how I felt but I was just frightened by the scene! In the middle of the street was my younger brother kneeling and holding a lifeless body with his hand soaked with blood! I could see the person he was holding looked dead! The particular spot of the street where he knelt was flooded with blood! I also saw a gun in my younger brother’s hand.

The following day, the police came for my brother. Before he was taken away, he explained everything and I believed him. My younger brother never hid a secret from me, we always shared our secrets with each other.

He was like a brother and a friend. I never had and will never have a companion like him. We did lots of things together, playing games, reading novels and others, we never got bored at home.

We only get bored when one person is not around, some friends once questioned our intimacy! They thought we were gays because we just couldn’t live without each other!

We were given some assignments so after school, I went to Kevin’s place so we do the assignments. The assignments were many but I wanted to finish before coming home.

I wanted to get enough time to play since weekend starts tomorrow. I wanted to just finish my assignments today (Friday) so I wouldn’t think about them during weekends.

On my way home, I heard triple gunshots! I was about running but immediately I turned, I saw a lady jump into the bush! I noticed the person was running because she had seen me approaching and didn’t want me to see her so, she left the gun on the street and entered the bush.

Immediately I went closer to the person who was shot, I saw Darlington bleeding profusely so I picked the gun and tried lifting him up to the nearest hospital but he was too heavy to carry. I shouted for help a couple of times but no one came, so I knelt holding Darlington’s body and praying that someone will come and offer a helping hand, when you came.

My brother was jailed because we couldn’t win the case in court, there were so many arguments but it yielded to nothing productive. Darlington’s parents were filled with rage and vengeance, they wanted my brother to suffer electrocution, death by firing squad or hanging.

Darlington’s lawyer came up with some threats my brother levelled against Darlington when Darlington once made my brother angry. No one believed my brother except me. At a point, our parents even doubted the innocence of my brother!

Darlington’s parents through illegal means were successful at convincing the judge and various authorities in the legal jurisdiction to implement death by electrocution. My brother was electrocuted on his birthday!

That was the most painful part, he died the day he was born!

A week after his death, Darlington’s girlfriend came out to confess that she killed Darlington! She did so because Darlington impregnated her, after which he insisted on abortion, as if that was not enough. She found out Darlington had impregnated her best friend and was still moving out with another lady!

This annoyed her so she took her father’s gun and made a call to Darlington to meet her at the junction. Her father is a military officer so, she stole the gun from her dad and used it on Darlington! She immediately entered the bush when she saw my brother approaching! I knew it was impossible for my brother to shoot because he didn’t even know how to hold a gun!

He was just 10years but he was electrocuted because he was charged with murder! I miss him so much; I just can’t forget the memories. The only thing that comes to mind every morning is vengeance. I was the one preaching forgiveness to my brother but now my blood is burning beyond control! I just want to take revenge.


The Concealed Pain- Poetry

Irritation drags on with each revision

With no hand to raise, no voice to cry-out

The voice of vengeance still close

Luring with sweet deception

My hunger for vengeance is like that of me and my companion

But when I have nowhere else to turn

He snatches my heart

I too like to take revenge

On those who hated me

Badly treated me and grated my tender feeling cruelly


Tears the eyes can’t see

Pain the heart can’t share

Anger wrapped up in deceit

It’s more than I can bear

The hurt and torture deep inside


The sadness deep inside my soul

But my head takes rest on the words in the Bible

Though I wish to avenge my brother’s death

The Word tells me to forgive.



Emmanuel Dadzoe is the founder of Inspire Me Die Empty. He believes that God has given each individual a unique assignment, meant to edify the brethren before the faithful day when we all will return to Him to render account of how we used what was given us. He is a level 300 Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) student of University of Cape Coast, Ghana and a product of Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School.