Introducing the PASEWAY Project: Pathways for Sustainable Employment for Women and Youth

Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES-Ghana) is partnering with Plan International to implement the Pathway for Sustainable Employment for Women and Youth (PASEWAY) project with funding from the German Government. The project is seeking to address some of the root causes of the challenges that young people face when entering the formal labour market. These factors include a lack of work experience and practical knowledge in the working environment, lack of access to job offers, and inexperiences in looking for work.

In response, the goal of the PASEWAY project is to contribute to increasing formal employment and decent work in the construction and hospitality sectors for Ghana’s youth. The three-year project is focusing on four main objectives: providing skills, knowledge, and certification, supporting youth-led micro-businesses to formally register their businesses, providing employment opportunities for the unemployed youth, and advocating for an enabling environment for youth employment. 

According to Eric Saforo, Head of Innovation & Skills at YES-Ghana, PASEWAY is directly targeting over 4000 participants and will indirectly reach over one million beneficiaries. “In collaboration with potential employers in target locations, the project is learning about skills requirements in the selected sectors, and using that information to make young people work ready” he states.

A flagship component of PASEWAY is the setting up a Skills Hub in Accra. The state-of-the-art, multipurpose facility is currently at testing stage and is billed to be fully operation in August 2020. When open, the Skills Hub will have several offerings for young people seeking jobs or running their own businesses, including a co-working space, business incubation and advisory services, and career guidance. The Skills Hub will offer training sessions in entrepreneurship, digital skills, soft skills, and financial literacy. Young people visiting the Hub will be able to use the library, highspeed internet, and events spaces. The Skills Hub welcomes both PASEWAY participants and all other young people seeking assistance to get ready for the world of work and entrepreneurship in all other sectors.

YES-Ghana leads PASEWAY implementation in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area. Among other activities, the organisation also leads the development and deployment of an integrated work-readiness curriculum for the project in all locations.

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