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We Were At The World Youth Forum

Between November 3-6, 2018, we were represented at the World Youth Forum at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt by Ms. Obaa Akua Konadu, our Policy and Advocacy Manager.

The World Youth Forum is a platform built by young people for young people across the world. The forum was organised under the auspices of the Egyptian President, H.E Abdel Fattah El-Sisi towards the amplification of the message of peace, prosperity, harmony and progress to the world. The Forum pillars are Peace, Development, Creativity, which are topics of interest to the international youth and the forum provides a platform to express views, present ideas and share experiences through the sessions.

Some of the sessions focused on topics such as ‘The Role of World Leaders in Building and Sustaining Peace’, ‘Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want’, ‘The Role of Entrepreneurs and Startups in Global Economic Growth’ and ‘How Do We Build Future Leaders’. On peacebuilding, it was discussed that it is important to communicate, engage and build empathy; as this will foster mutual respect. Furthermore, conflict-preventive measures is critical and less costly. As more young people are trained and educated on the usefulness of preserving peace, it is important to also trust the youth in the process of building peace in our communities and countries.
On volunteerism, panellists shared some insights valuable to the youth and organisations that seek to engage the services of volunteers. Volunteerism provides an opportunity to young people to develop their skills, encounter new people, gain out-of-school experience that allows the individuals to apply themselves in different circumstances, and consequently influencing the career paths of many. For organisations that seek to engage the services of volunteers, it is important to provide a job description that can help share the engagement of individuals in a more structured manner.

Some of the recommendations made over the period include launch “One Africa” initiative to create a platform for integration within Africa; organise Young African Entrepreneurs Forum as part of the World Youth Forum events; launch the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Forum to be held annually and hosted by each Euro-Mediterranean State; and integrate internet security programmes into school curriculums to protect children from cyber bullying.
The forum attracted the participation of about 5000 people from over 150 countries.