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YES-Ghana holds staff retreat to plan for 2016


YES-Ghana welcomed the new year with a staff retreat held at the African Royal Beach Hotel in Accra on the 11th and 12th of January 2016.

The noteworthy objectives of the two-day retreat were to develop an action plan for the year 2016, equip staff with new skills,  strengthen team building, enable staff interact with one another, increase motivation and to brainstorm on how best staff can contribute to the mission and vision of YES-Ghana. The retreat was attended by 6 staff from Takoradi and 12 from Accra.

Day 1 of the retreat was centred on activities relating to staff expectations, teambuilding, ‘directors spotlight’ – where staff asked the Executive Director an array of questions to help in productive work delivery. A key part of the day was dedicated to conflict resolution activities where staff explored conflict situations through scenario based activities, interactive theatre and role paly, after which they brought together various ideas to develop a conflict charter for the team.


Day 2 focused entirely on planning YES-Ghana’s work programme for 2016, reviewing policies and procedures as well as an evaluation of systems and processes. The retreat also enforced portfolio presentations on achievements, challenges and the way forward to increase the quality and efficiency of desired goals in 2016.


After two days of intense, frank and free-flowing discussions, diverse views about YES-Ghana’s strengths and challenges were collated and plans on how to work more efficiently were set in motion.  The two day retreat came to a close with re-energised and motivated staff ready to accelerate into the year through policies and initiatives that help young people succeed in becoming life-long learners, productive members of society, materially sufficient and self-respecting citizens.