Ghc 50,000 Grant For Students of UDS-Tamale Campus.

Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES-Ghana) on Saturday, the 7th of April, 2018 held a grants award ceremony at the ICT Auditorium of UDS Tamale Campus. YES-Ghana awarded grants to students up to a tune of GHC 50,000. The students will use the grants to implement initiatives of social impact in the communities surrounding the university.

Dean of Students, Prof. Israel Dzomeku Addressing the Students.

The event was part of the Youth Leadership For Social Change Implemented by YES-Ghana in collaboration with the University For Development Studies and the University Of Cape Coast with funding from the Ford Foundation. Thirty students from the University were selected to be part of the project through a competitive application process. As part of the project, students have received intensive training in leaderships for social change through the youth academy for social change. They were also mentored by selected faculty members and industry players.

The ceremony was chaired by the Dean of students, Prof .Israel Dzomeku. In his address, he thanked YES-Ghana for the wonderful initiative. He advised the students to take full advantage of the opportunity to learn and to cause positive change in the selected deprived communities. He also lauded the SRC for their involvement in lobbying for the project to be carried in UDS Tamale Campus.

The students through the help of mentors and a grant awards committee proposed innovative interventions to some of the problems facing the communities around the university. Participants selected priorities and designed projects to solve problems in the selected communities.

The participants (thirty in number) grouped in to five were given the opportunity to present and explain their projects at the ceremony. They careful explained the problems their projects intended to solve and also gave a budget. The audience was given the opportunity to assess, give suggestions and ask questions after each presentation. Some the proposed projects included: construction of a Kindergarten, Sexual and Reproductive Health education, Construction of community toilets to curb open defecation .


The committee will support and monitor the implementation of these projects and evaluate each group’s effectiveness in carrying out this process. The students will receive the necessary technical support in order to implement the projects, including managing their activities, leveraging stakeholder involvement, networking opportunities, continuous learning and support with financial management, reporting and among others- the Project Manager, Mr Eric Saforo revealed.

Project Manager, Mr. Eric Saforo Manager,

Speaking to Mr. Eric Saforo after the program, he reiterated that YES-Ghana is committed to training students to become active students for social change. ” ..Leadership is not about money, it is about the change you can bring to the community”- Mr. Eric said. This project is going to benefit the participants and also be of immense benefit to the communities in which these projects will be implemented- he added. He also revealed that the participants will graduate into the YES-Ghana Alumni after the project is completed. He is optimistic that the project will be expanded to more Universities depending on the success of this first project.

A similar ceremony will be held at the University Of Cape Coast on 30th of April, 2018 where an amount of about GHC 50,000 grant will be awarded to students of the institution who have undergone similar training and mentorship to carry of proposed projects in deprived communities.

Photo Credit: Khamil Gallery

Source: Wumpini Lagfu/Campus News Gh